Why you should use euroNAS

Storage, Virtualisation and High-Availability – Made in Germany since 2005

Our versatile operating system is compatible with standard server hardware and allows independence from specific hardware vendors. With our solution, you can efficiently and quickly build systems as follows:

With our advanced NAS and virtualization software, you can configure your environment exactly to your personal preferences and performance requirements. Whether you are looking for high storage capacity, fast data transfer, or high-availability – our software gives you the freedom and flexibility to create a server that perfectly fits your needs. Discover the versatility of our solutions and build a server that is not only powerful but also tailor-made for your requirements.

Security, Reliability, and User-Friendliness

Our products enable businesses the secure and complete control over their data. euroNAS combines the highest security standards with a user-friendly interface. With euroNAS, you can mirror your servers to ensure maximum availability and data security.

The installation and configuration of our products are straightforward thanks to the simple, step-by-step guide. Our customers do not need extensive manuals or special training. Our German-speaking support is available to you from the testing phase and during project planning.

Professional Consultation

Every change to your infrastructure requires careful planning and expert consultation. Our experienced team is here to provide support. Additionally, our competent partners offer complete solutions, including hardware and installation, at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Proven in Thousands of Installations

Since 2005, we have been continuously developing our products. They have proven themselves worldwide in thousands of installations as reliable and robust solutions.

Not tied to specific server hardware

Unlike many other server solutions on the market, euroNAS products are not tied to specific hardware. This gives you maximum flexibility in server selection and allows your server to grow with your business. By separating software and hardware, you can purchase your server from any provider and modify or update it at any time.

Unified Administration Interface for All Your Servers

Different applications require different types of servers. While a small branch might only need a simple solution, larger branches demand more powerful hardware. euroNAS provides a uniform user interface regardless of the hardware used, simplifying management.

Your Server Grows with Your Business

Hardware upgrades have never been easier. Simply swap out the hardware, start euroNAS, and the system automatically recognizes, optimizes, and adapts to the new hardware.

No Special Hardware Required

euroNAS also works perfectly in virtualized environments. If you already have an existing ESX, Xen, or Hyper-V server, you don’t need additional hardware to operate a NAS server. Simply run euroNAS in a virtual machine.

Competent, Responsive Support

Our experienced support team provides technical assistance with rapid response times, which is crucial for many businesses. Rely on our expertise and trust in our solutions.

Relax, We Take Care of the Rest

Our top-notch products allow you to focus on the essentials in your business. With our robust and reliable technology, high-quality support, and a flexible selection of hardware and extensions, we ensure that your data and virtual machines are safe and secure. Leave your worries behind and trust in our proven solutions.