Why you should use euroNAS

Proven in thousands of installations

euroNAS Software is continuously developed since over 15 years, proven in
thousands of installations worldwide and is considered a rock solid solution

No Server Vendor Lock-In

Unlike most storage solutions on the market, euroNAS products are not locked
to specific hardware, providing you the maximum flexibility in server selection
and allows your server to grow with your business.
By separating software from hardware you are free to buy from any server
vendor and you can change or upgrade it any time.

Easy configuration and Management

euroNAS OS is installed and configured in few easy steps, usually in under 15 minutes.
You don’t need huge manuals and product trainings to get it running.
It will offer you easy management and monitoring through an intuitive web-based user
interface with automated email notifications and warnings.

Avoid expensive upgrades of your hardware

Many vendors only care about the updates as long as the server is being sold.
After few years you are stuck with old server without updates and upgrades. If
you wish new storage or virtualization features and technologies
vendor-locked solution will usually force you to upgrade the whole system
causing significant costs.
With euroNAS you can upgrade to the latest technologies any time by still
keeping the hardware.

Use your favorite server vendor

Your company is trained and uses only hardware of specific a-brand? You can
continue to use your DELL, HP, IBM, Supermicro or similar server but at
fraction of the price of the pre-installed solutions of the same manufacturer.
This way you are getting best of both worlds – reliable hardware with good
service and perfect management software.

Cover every project with one vendor

With euroNAS you can cover every project of your company whether you need

  • NAS Appliance serving SMB/CIFS, FC, NFS or AFP
  • SAN Appliance serving iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage
  • High-availability storage providing real time mirror between servers and
    automatic failover
  • “All-In-One” HyperConverged Solution– Virtualization / Storage / Backup for
    your VMs

euroNAS storage software will offer you all this in a simple to use interface

Same administration interface for all your servers

Depending on requirements, the company would need different types of
servers. Whereas a small branch only needs a simple solution, larger branches
will require much more powerful hardware. If using standard Servers, you
would need to confront with different types of user interfaces. euroNAS
Provides same usability experience independently from used hardware.

Your server will grow with your business

Hardware upgrades have never been so easy. Just replace the hardware and
start euroNAS – it will automatically detect and optimize itself for the new

Do you really need hardware?

euroNAS works perfectly within virtualized environment – if you already have an
existing ESX, Xen or Hyper-V server you don’t need any special hardware to have
a NAS server – just run it within virtual machine.

Competent, fast responsive support

Competent technical assistance with fast response times is crucial for most businesses.
Our competent and experienced support team will assist you so that you can relax and trust the solution.