eEVOS plusWhy eEVOS?

Why Choose Our Server Virtualization Solution?

When considering server virtualization solutions in the market, it’s essential to understand why you’ve chosen to utilize virtualization in the first place. Here are the key reasons that make server virtualization attractive:

  • Easier Management
  • Reduction of server hardware
  • Cost reduction
  • Simplification of IT infrastructure
  • Availability of your data
  • Easier backup

These factors should play a significant role in your decision-making process. Now, let’s explore why our solution stands out from the competition:

1. One Solution Provider, One License for Everything

Most virtualization solutions on the market require you to deal with three different manufacturers for the hypervisor, storage, and backup software. This often leads to a blame game when technical issues arise, leaving you alone to resolve them.

With our solution, eEVOS, you’ll have access to the entire functionality in a single product. It combines virtualization, high availability storage, and professional backup tools, simplifying your experience. Instead of dealing with three separate contacts, you’ll have one competent partner who can provide comprehensive assistance whenever needed.

eEVOS provides the whole functionality in a single product. Its unique combination of virtualization, high availability storage and professional backup tools will make your life a lot easier. Instead of 3 you will have one competent contact partner who will assist you in case you need assistance.

2. Total Cost of Ownership

Reducing operational costs is a primary goal of virtualization. Achieving this requires minimizing bare metal hardware, which leads to cost savings in acquisition, energy usage, support, maintenance, and rack space.

However, ensuring the availability of your data becomes crucial when relying on a single virtualization server for multiple tasks. If the server fails, all services are affected, resulting in costly downtime. To mitigate this risk, consider the following questions:

  • How much does the high availability license cost?
  • What are the support and maintenance costs over the next 3-5 years?
  • How much physical hardware is needed to avoid a “single-point-of-failure”?
  • Who provides support? Will you have a dedicated contact person or just a call center with a ticketing system?

In a direct comparison, eEVOS offers:

  • High availability at lower licensing costs with fewer hardware requirements compared to competitors.
  • Integration of storage and virtualization in one product, allowing for a higher level of availability without a “single-point-of-failure” using less hardware.
  • Personalized support from a dedicated expert who is already familiar with your system.

3. Consultancy

Before transitioning your server infrastructure to virtualization, thorough planning and competent advisors are crucial. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the best tailored solution for your company. We have a network of reliable partners who can provide complete solutions, including customized hardware, installation, and maintenance, at a fraction of the cost of comparable options.

4. High Availability

High availability ensures the quick recovery of services and virtual machines even during catastrophic events. Many competitors require complex configurations and additional hardware to achieve a “Single-Point-of-Failure”-free virtualization solution.

In contrast, our Enterprise Virtualization OS offers the following advantages:

  • Less expensive infrastructure due to fewer hardware components.
  • Easy configuration
  • Lower licensing cos.ts.
  • One manufacturer for both high availability storage and virtualization.


To visualize the difference, refer to the diagrams below, which demonstrate the two configurations’ target of business continuity without a “Single-Point-of-Failure.” Note that simplicity and reduced costs are crucial benefits of our solution.

a) Enterprise Virtualization OS

This configuration provides the same level of availability as competitors’ setups but with simpler and fewer components.

This is achieved by combining the high availability storage with the high availability server virtualization

b) Our competition

Competitors’ configurations often involve more complexity and higher costs, requiring separate storage and virtualization servers, redundant switches, and potentially more expensive licenses.
Some manufacturers will offer virtualized storage. This usually requires more expensive “Enterprise Plus” licenses and will force disk I/O requests not to go directly but through the virtualization layer.

By choosing our server virtualization solution, you’ll benefit from streamlined management, reduced costs, comprehensive support, expert consultancy, and a high availability setup with minimized hardware requirements. Take a closer look at what we offer and make an informed decision for your business.