eEVOS plusEnterprise Virtualization OS Plus

Create and operate your virtual machines just a few clicks. Create scheduled consistent backups of your running VMs. If one server dies - other will take your VMs over

euroNAS Enterprise Virtualization OS (eEVOS) is a complete virtualization solution providing you great performance, high-availability, and manageability features.

  • No need for extra OS or Software – everything already inside
  • Runs on standard server hardware
  • Provides virtualization, storage and backup in a single product
  • Import wizard imports your existing VMWare or Hyper-V images within minutes
  • Consistent backups of your running virtual machines without downtime
  • and much more

Hypervisor Dashboard

Hardware agnostic OS

You are not locked to specific server manufacturer. Install it and use it on standard server hardware.


Create new ones or use the wizard to import existing VMs with just a few clicks.

Enterprise functionality such as moving the VMs on the fly, IO control, snapshots, cloning or thin provisioning provides you maximum flexibility.

High Availability in few steps

Cluster wizard will help you create high available cluster for your virtual machines within few minutes.

You can manage your virtual machines from any node.

No need for huge manuals or deep knowledge.

eEVOS Failover Cluster

Fast recovery and backups

Create scheduled Backups of your virtual machines reliably without downtime. The support of Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) ensures the highest possible consistency of your data on the Windows VMs. This allows you to copy all data that may otherwise be blocked by write operations (eg the registry or system databases).

Import your existing VMWare and Hyper-V virtual machines within minutes

Switching from VMware or Hyper-V is simple. VM Import wizard will take care of everything – just point it to the virtual disk, it will automatically convert it and create a new virtual machine.

VM Failover in case of node failure

Should a hardware or software fault occur, it is detected through intelligent features. Running server will automatically take over and restart the virtual machines.

Move the virtual machines on the fly (Live Migration)

With eEVOS you can migrate running virtual machines from one server to another one without downtime.

Virtual machine will not be shut down, RAM and all settings will be moved. Whole migration takes just several seconds.

It is very useful functionality if you wish to shut down or reboot one of the nodes for maintenance or upgrade.

Cluster Aware Snapshots of your virtual machines

VM Snapshot work on any node even if the file is used and opened on another node. This allows you to create snapshots of your VMs and run these snapshot VMs on a different node than the original VM is running.

Clone your virtual machine

Create fully independent clones of your original virtual machine at its current state.
It will use data blocks of the original VM as a reference and requires much less disk space on the disk.

Although it shares data blocks with the original virtual machine – it is stil 100% idependent of the original.
Original VM can be deleted any time and the clone can simultaneously run on any server

IO Tunning

Tune the disk performance of your VMs. Reserve disk performance for the important VMs, assign less performance to less important VMs.

Thin Provisioning

Thin Provisioning will save you costs by reducing storage allocations by virtualizing the storage for the VMs. Only the sectors of the VM which have been written to are actually placed on physical disk.

Maximal I/O for your virtual machines

euroNAS “Hybrid Storage Cache” improves the performance of your storage server by dynamically moving frequently used data to a faster, smaller device such as a SSD.
This way you can build a hybrid virtualization server that will provide you with higher I/O performance and larger capacity at the same time.

Mirrored Storage

Thanks EVOS Plus, the virtual machines are safely stored. RAID support ensures local resilience.

You can mirror your storage between 2 servers – this allows operation of the VMs in 2 different fire compartments.

Shared Storage via iSCSI, SAS or Fibre Channel

Alternatively both nodes can share the same storage and can access it simultaneously. This can be SAS, FC or iSCSI storage. eEVOS is ALUA/MPIO aware. Active/Active and Active/Passive connections are supported.